Likes and Dislikes - Solution Examples | Meaning into Words Grade XI

English Grammar

Likes and Dislikes - Solution Examples | Meaning into Words Grade XI

Likes and Dislikes

1. Active & passive gerund forms
I enjoy swimming.
I’m fond of going to the opera.
I love people inviting me to parties.
I love being invited to parties.
She doesn’t like people pulling her hair.
She doesn’t like having her hair pulled.

2. ‘Prefer’
Which do you prefer, eating at home or eating in restaurants?
I prefer eating in restaurants.
I prefer eating in restaurants to eating at home.

3. ‘Like doing ‘ and ‘like to do’
I like eating caviar.
I like to have a good breakfast in the morning.


1. Add a general statement, saying what each of the following people likes to do, as in the example:
Example: Mala reads two newspapers, and watches all the current affairs programme on TV.
In other words, Mala likes to keep up with world events.
(a) Anu does not allow talking in class, and her students have to stand up when she comes in.
(b) When he’s abroad, Aman sends a lot of e-mails and phones home every week.
(c) Aadittya goes out every night, and has a party most weekends.
(d) Shanti goes for morning walk every day, and plays a lot of basketball.
(e) Januka writes a few letters in the morning on Saturdays and she does all her cleaning during the daytime.
(a) In other words, Anu likes to maintain class discipline.
(b) In other words, Aman likes to keep in touch with his family.
(c) In other words, Aadittya likes to enjoy parties.
(d) In other words, she likes to keep herself fit.
(e) In other words, she likes to use her holidays to the full extent.


1. Change the questions below as given in the example:
Example: How soon can I go home?
You can go home any time you like.
(a) How often can I come and see you?
(b) How much money can I borrow?
(c) How fast can I run?
(d) (d)How late can I stay out?
(e) How long can I stay at your home?

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