Experience – Meaning Into Words Grade XII | Solution of Work Book

Solution of Work Book

Experience – Meaning Into Words Grade XII | Solution of Work Book


Listing Experiences and Achievements:

Develop the notes below into short paragraphs, listing each person’s experiences and achievements, Begin with the sentences given.

1. Brenda Gibbons is just the right person for the job.
He has taught science at university. He has worked as an industrial chemist for 5 years and has written two books on oil, which are quite considerable. He has had an experience on North Sea oilrig. He was lecturer on energy at Cambridge University in 1980.

2. The new party leader, Andrew Fife, is a man of wide and varied experience.
He has worked both as a journalist and as economist. He has been minister in two governments. He has worked as the Chancellor of the Exchequer for four year (from 1974-1978). He had a worldwide travel and he had visited the many heads of state. He has gained good knowledge of variety of customs and behavior of different people and places.

3. At 60, Brian considers that he has not had a very exciting life so far.
He has worked for the same job for 30 years. He has never moved from house. He has been living there since his birthday. He has gone abroad once in a day trip. He went to Calais 1965. He has been to London for three times but has never visited the right-club.

Asking About Experiences:

Look at the example, and write similar conversations between A and B. B must give brief details about his/her experience.

1. fine/ for a parking offence? (speeding)
A. Have you ever been fined for a parking offence?
B. No I haven’t, but I have been fined for speeding. They caught me doing 85
mph on the motorway.

2. Steal/ wallet? (umbrella)
A. Have you ever had stolen a wallet?
B. No I haven’t, but I have stolen an umbrella. I stole it from department store.

3. Trap/ in a lift? (toilet)
A. Have you ever trapped in a lift?
B. No I haven’t, but I have been trapped in a toile by unknown people.

4. X-ray/chest? (teeth)
A. Have you ever had your chest X-rayed?
B. No I haven’t, but I have had my teeth x-rayed last month. I had a serious

5. throw / out of class? (library)
A. Have you ever been thrown out of the class?
B. No I haven’t, but I have been thrown out of library when I was fighting with
my friend.

6. Mistake/ for a rock star? (TV actor/actress)
A. Have you ever been mistaken for a star?
B. No I haven’t, but I have been mistaken for a Tv star. When I went to
Newroad for shopping, a yong lady ran after me asking for my autograph.


Look at the example, and write about the other topics in the same way.

1. mean people
The meanest person I’ve ever met was Jack Davies. He used to walk everywhere rather than pay for the bus.

2. frightening experiences
The most frightening experiences I’ve ever had was when I was fallen from the wall of our campus, My 7th & 11th ribs were broken and I found it difficult to move about.

3. stupid mistakes
The most stupid mistake I’ve ever made was getting marriage in my early twenties. It was difficult for me to maintain the house without job.

4. Uncomfortable beds
The most uncomfortable bed I’ve ever had was in a remote village during my official trip. When I woke up in the morning I felt difficult to move my body.

5. Boring jobs
The most boring job I have ever done was teaching, I shouted but students didn’t follow me for hours and I found difficult to handle the children.

6. Funny films
The funniest film I’ve ever seen was “Hangama” I saw it 5 times and it was so funny that I used to laugh a lot when I remembered the comedy scenes.

How Many Times?

Express each of the sentences below in two other ways.

1. I’ve only visited Britain once before.
This is only my second visit to Britain
This is only the second time I’ve visited Britain.

2. This is my first night in a 5-star hotel.
I’ve never slept in a 5-star hotel before.
This is the first time I’ve ever slept in a 5-star hotel

3. This is his third stretch in prison.
This is only his second stretch in prison.This is the third time he has been imprisoned. He has been imprisoned twice before.

4. This is the first time I’ve worked in travel agent’s.
I’ve never worked in a travel agency before.
This is my first job in a travel agency.

5. I’ve flown in Concorde four times before.
This is the fifth time I have ever flown in Concorde.
This is my fifth flight in Concorde.

6. This is only my third attack of flu.
I’ve attacked of flu two times before.
This is the third time I’ve been attacked by flu.

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