Identifying With Like - Meaning Into Words Grade XII | Solution of Work Book

Solution of Work Book

Identifying With Like - Meaning Into Words Grade XII | Solution of Work Book

Identifying With Like

Identifying with like:

Continue the following remarks with look, sound smell, feel or taste, + like.
Example: Surely he’s not a manual worker. . . .
He looks like a businessman to me.

1. Are you sure this is tea?
It tastes like a coffee to me.

2. I wonder who wrote that music
It sounds like Krishna Hari Baral’s to me.

3. He’s got a foreign accent
He sounds like a foreigner to me.

4. This material’s very soft
It feels like fibre clothe to me.

5. What’s that you’re cooking?
It smells like meat to me.

6. They’ve got very similar faces.
They look like twins to me.

7. This isn’t real leather, is it. . .?
It looks like synthetic leather to me.

8. I’ve got something in my shoe. . . .
It feels like pebble to me.

9. I don’t think you made this cake yourself. . . .
It tastes like the bakers to me.

Impressions: Seem

The police have found a man unconscious. They don’t know who he is, but they have some ideas about him. From the evidence below, say what impressions the police have about the man, using seem.

He’s blond, and his clothes have Swedish labels. He’s well dressed, and is wearing an expensive ring, He has nicotine stains on his fingers, and some old scars on his face. He’s well built, and his hands are very rough, He has a used plane ticket from Amsterdam in his pocket, dated four days ago. He was found in the middle of a park, with a nasty wound at the back of his head.

  1. He seems to be heavy smoker.
  2. He doesn’t seem to have been robbed.
  3. He seems to be hit with a heavy rod on the back of his head.
  4. He seems to be wounded.
  5. He seems to have lot of enemies.
  6. He seems to have come from Amsterdam
  7. He seems to be wearing an expensive ring.
  8. He seems to have been a rich person.
  9. He seems to have been travelling a lot.

Physical Appearance:

Look in a mirror, and write a description of yourself, Talk briefly about your height, weight and build, and describe your face in detail.

I am in my middle twenties. I’m five feet five inches tall. My weight is 56 Kg. I have got lovely straight blonde hair. I’m slim and a slightly built. I have small dark eyes and a fair complexion. I have got an oval face. I have got thin eyebrows, straight nose full lips and double chin. I have got oily face. Because of that I have some pimples in my face.

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