Duration - Meaning Into Words Grade XII | Solution of Work Book

Solution of Work Book

Duration - Meaning Into Words Grade XII | Solution of Work Book


How long?

Ask these people questions with How long ? Write their answers using the words in brackets.

1. Tim telephoned his father this morning, (five minutes)
you: How long did you speak to him for?
Tim: I spoke to him for about five minutes.

2. Jane wrote an essay last night, (two hours)
you: How long did you spend to write essay ?
Jane: I spent two hours to write an essay last night

3. Tony plays golf, (four years)
you: How long will you play golf?
Tony: I will play golf for four years.

4. William doesn’t play the guitar anymore, (two years)
You: How long did you play the guitar?
William: I played guitar for two years.

5. Cindy is going away on holiday tomorrow, (three weeks)
You: How long are you going away on holiday?
Cindy: I will be away on holiday for three weeks .

6. Eleanor regularly files to America, (seven hours)
You: How long does it take to fly to America.
Elenor: It takes seven hours to fly to America.

7. Cyril slept well last night, (ten hours)
you: How long did you sleep last night?
Cyril: I slept for ten hours last night.

8. Liza has a cold, (three days)
you: How long have you had a cold?
Liza: I have had a cold for three days.

9. Mandy is going to drive to the coast this afternoon, (two-hour)
you: How long are you going to the coast this afternoon?
Mandy I am going to drive for 2 hours this afternoon.

10. John doesn’t live in England any more, (six months)
You: How long did you live in England?
John: I lived in England for six months.

Time Expressions:

Fill the gaps in the sentences below with for, in, until or by.

  1. She studied medicine by in the age of 25.
  2. They got the lunch ready by 12.30.
  3. He learnt to swim in six weeks.
  4. They lived in Newcastle until 1973.
  5. My father ran a bookshop for two years.
  6. We did all our housework in a couple of hours.
  7. We did some housework for a couple of hours.
  8. I finished my homework by suppertime.
  9. We discussed politics until three in the morning.
  10. They reached the top of the mountain in four hours.
  11. I borrowed my neighbor’s power drill for a few days.
  12. He got all the letters typed by four o’clock.
  13. The concert was over by half past nine.
  14. He saved up $200 by Easter.
  15. I studied French for five years.
  16. She became a qualified physiotherapist in twelve months.
  17. I dug the garden in a couple of hours.
  18. He stayed in bed until lunchtime.

Getting Delayed:

Continue the following in two ways:
a. using didn’t. . . .for/till
b. using was before

1. They were sure they would find the oasis in a few hours (six days)
a. but they didn’t find it for six days.
b. but it was six days before they found it .

2. I was sure I’d finish the crossword in a few minutes (more than half an hour)
a. but I didn’t finish it for more than half an hour
b. but it was more than half an hour before I finished

3. His parents expected him to marry young (48)
a. but they didn’t marry till 48.
b. but he was 48 before he married

4. I meant tomorrow the lawn during the weekend (mid-week)
a. but I didn’t know the lawn till mid-week.
b. but it was mid-week before I mowed the lawn.

5. She thought she would go back home before long (several years)
a. but she didn’t go back home for several years.
b. but it was several years before she would go back home.

6.Everyone expected the war to be over in a few days (almost a year)
a. but it didn’t be over for almost a year
b. but it almost a year before it was over.

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