Clarifying – Meaning Into Words Grade XII | Solution of Work Book

Solution of Work Book

Clarifying – Meaning Into Words Grade XII | Solution of Work Book


Information Questions:

Fill the gaps below with information questions.

1. A: What was the weather like?
B: It was cold and rather windy.

2. A: Which size of shoes do you take?
B: I take 36, actually. I’ve got rather small feet.

3. A : How many time do you brush?
B: Ooh after every meal, usually.

4. A: What have you got?
B: I’ve got a Labrador.

5. A: When are you going to set your hair
B: I’m going to have it shampooed and set.

6. A: Mr. Coombs left $20,000 when he died.
B: Really? Who did inherit it?

7. A: I only took one photo while I was in Rome.
B: Did you? Where did you take my photo ?

8. A Ow! think I’ve been stung.
B: Really ? Where were you?

9. I’ve managed to borrow that $ 100 I need.
B: Have you? Who has lent it?

10. A: I had a really strange dream last night.
B: Do you ? What did you see in the dream?

11. A: Sh! I’m listening to the Prime Minister on the radio.
B: Are you ? What is he saying?

Indirect Questions:

Combine the following pairs of sentences into indirect questions.

1. What does he do for a living ? I often wonder.
I often wonder what he does for a living.

2. Does she like classical music? Can you remember?
Can you remember whether she likes classical music

3. Where are you going for your holidays? Have you decided yet?
Have you decided yet where you are going for your holiday.

4. Are you coming tomorrow? I need to know now.
I need to know if you are coming tomorrow.

5. Did you ever find your camera? I’ve been meaning to ask you.
I’ve been meaning to ask you if you ever found your camera.

6. What crime has he been charged with? Do you know?
Do you know what crime he has been changed with ?

7. What time does the concert start? I’ve no idea.
I’ve no idea what time the concert starts.

8. Did he look angry? Did you notice?
Did you notice if he looked angry.

9. What is our brother’s name? I’ve forgotten.
I’ve forgotten what your brother name is?

Checking Up:

III. Ask questions beginning Is/Was it ?, as in the examples.

1. Excuse me, sir. Did you order three steaks or four?
Excuse me, sir. Was it three or four steaks that you ordered?

2. Has your father been helping you with your homework? Or has your mother?
Is it your father or our mother who’s been helping you with your homework?

3. Do remind me- did we last meet in Paris or Madrid?
Do remind me-was it in Paris or Madrid that we last met.

4. I’ve completely forgotten-do we have to come early tomorrow or the day after?
Is it tomorrow or the day after that we have to come early?

5. He’s engaged to a Japanese girl, I thing, Or maybe she’s Chinese.
Is she Japanese or Chinese girl that the is engaged to ?

6. Do you grow flowers or vegetables in your garden?
Is it flowers or vegetable that you grow in your garden?

7. Did you want to speak to the manager or the assistant manager?
Was it manager or the assistant manager that you wanted to speak to ?

8. I can’t remember- are you going to London by bus or by train?
I can’t remember is it by bus or by train that you going to London?

9. Johns father own a garage, doesn’t he? Or am I thinking of Tony?
Is it John’s father or Tony’s who owns a garage?

10. Can you remind me-are the Spencers arriving on Saturday or Sunday?
Can you remind me- is it on Saturday or Sunday when the Spencers are arriving?


Correct the statements below.

1. Charles Dickens was born in Stratford-on-Avon.
It wasn’t Charles Dickens who was born in Stratford-on-Avon. It was Shakespeare.

2. Doctors look after your teeth.
It isn’t a doctor who looks after you teeth. It is dentists.

3. Marco Polo discovered America.
It wasn’t Marco Polo who discovered America-It was Christopher Columbus.

4. The sun causes the tides.
It isn’t sun which causes the tide. It is moon.

5. Democracy started in Italy.
It wasn’t in Italy where democracy started. It was in Athens.

6. Agatha Christie wrote the James Bond stories.
It wasn’t Agatha Christie who wrote the James Bond stories . It was Ian Fleming .

7. India has the largest population in the world.
It isn’t India that has a largest population in the world. It is china.

8. Martin Luther king was assassinated in Dallas.
It wasn’t Martin Luther king who was assassinated in Dallas, It was John Kennedy.

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