Wishes and Regrets – Meaning Into Words Grade XII | Solution of Work Book

Solution of Work Book

Wishes and Regrets – Meaning Into Words Grade XII | Solution of Work Book

Wishes and Regrets


Imagine you are in the situations below. Write three wishes for each: (a) with would (b) with could (c) with the Past tense.

1. You’re in bed with flu.
a. If only my temperature would go down.
b. I wish I could get up.
c. I wish there wasn’t so much traffic outside.

2. You’re lost.
a. I wish my friend would meet me on the way.
b. If only I could find the way.
c. I wish I had a map.

3. You’re out of work.
a. I wish somebody would offer me a job.
b. If only I could get a job.
c. I wish I had a job.

4. You’re trying to communicate with a foreigner who doesn’t speak your language.
a. I wish he would understand my language
b. If only I could understand this language
c. I wish I knew his language

5. You’re in love.
a. I wish he would love only.
b. If only I could express my love.
c. I wish our parents fixed our marriage.


Write short paragraphs beginning as follows:

  1. It could have any job I wanted, I would be the greatest politician I would fight against racial Prejudice and discrimination. I would sacrifice all the pleasures of my life for the achievement of love, unity and humanity. I would bring drastic change is the field of education.
  2. If I had six months’ paid holiday, I would go to London. I would stand 1 an hour in London bridge .I would go to backing ham palace. I would go to Hyde park to play hide and seek and then I would observed the rural areas of London.
  3. If I only had three months to live, I would go back to my house. I would visit my friends and relatives I would go to Pokhara I would enjoy a lot. I would finish all my money.
  4. If I was the Minister of Education, I would change the policy of education, I encourage people to establish different schools and universities. I would bring drastic change in curriculum.

Could Have and Needn’t Have:

Add two sentences to the remarks below: (a) with could have (b) with needn’t have.

1. You didn’t tell me you could do electrical repairs.
a. You could have mended my radio for me.
b. I needn’t have taken my radio to the shop to be repaired.

2. I wish I’d known their telephone had been repaired.
a. I could have telephoned them
b. I needn’t have sent them letter.

3. If only you’d told me you were ill.
a. I could have taken you to hospital.
b. You needn’t have gone to hospital alone.

4. I didn’t realize I still had $10 in my pocket.
a. I could have brought a packet of biscuits.
b. I needn’t have borrowed money from my friends.

5. I didn’t know I was going to win all that money.
a. I could have bought a car.
b. I needn’t have worked on the road.

6. I had no idea it would be so warm here.
a. I could have bought cotton clothes
b. I needn’t have bought so many sweaters.

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