Comparison – Meaning Into Words Grade XII | Solution of Work Book

Solution of Work Book

Comparison – Meaning Into Words Grade XII | Solution of Work Book


Comparisons Involving Verbs:

Express the meanings of the sentences below with another comparative sentence, beginning with the words given.

1. Those children ought to go to bed much earlier than they do.
Those children go to bed much later than they ought to.

2. He’s not supposed to drink quite as much as he does.
He drinks much more than he’s supposed to .

3. We hadn’t expected them to arrive as early as they did.
They arrived much earlier than we had expected them to.

4. I’ve never been as frightened as I was during that flight.
During that flight, I was much more frightened than I have ever been.
a. I had thought the room would be more expensive than it actually was. the room was actually cheaper than I had thought it would be.

5. There are more foreign tourists this year than there have ever been before.
There have never been as many foreign tourists they are this year.
You didn’t need to get up nearly as early as you did.
You got up much earlier than you needed to.
I would have liked to stay longer than I was able to.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay as long as I would have liked to.
It was quite unnecessary for you to tell them as much as you did.
You told them much more than it was necessary for you to do so.

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