The Tiger – Summary | Major English Grade XII

William Blake

The Tiger – Summary | Major English Grade XII

The Tiger

The Tiger is the Masterpiece of God’s creation on earth. Through the thick cover of darkness of the unexplored forest, the Tiger, with his bright burning eyes, moves in majesty and his presence is felt by other animals of the woods. With a perfect eye and a mighty hand God-The Creator planned the perfect ‘Symmetry’ of this creature that is capable of striking fear in the hearts of every fauna on the face of this earth, including man.

To what depths of the mighty waters of the earth and to what heights towards the skies did the Almighty took all the pains to gather the immortal fire and breathe life into this unique creature called ‘The Tiger’. On wings much larger than his Arch Angels, as one may imagine, God would fly to aspire His earnest desire to fulfill His perfect intention to create this extremely ferocious animal. With His powerful immortal hand, He would have carried this Heavenly Fire in His palm and return to finish the work of creating the fearful tiger.

God created a magnificent piece of art when He formed the broad shape of the Tiger’s shoulders. He then went to twist the ‘sinews’ and created the perfect shape of the tiger’s heart. When God touched the lifeline of the heart, it immediately started to beat. The Tiger’s hands and feet stretched as he is waking up to a brand new life. They all looked equally dreadful like the rest of his body.

The manner in which the brain was formed and the understanding that dwelled within this Creature is extremely lethal. The ferocity of ‘The Tiger’ is closely embraced with his heart, mind, body and soul. That is why it is believed that the tiger can strike with deadly force.

Even the stars are believed to throw down their spears in fear or rebellion or allegiance. Would God take a few moments of his precious time to look at His masterpiece and admire it from His Throne? Perhaps, but who knows the mind of God? Could the same God who made the gentle lamb made the fearful tiger too? The same ‘Tiger’ who roams the thick forest in deep cover of darkness with his glimmering eyes creates the extreme fear to all creatures around it. Only God’s powerful hands and magnificent eyes of immortality would dare to create the ‘fearful symmetry’ of the tiger.

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