A Day In The Life of Salaryman – Summary | Major English Grade XII

John Burgess

A Day In The Life of Salaryman – Summary | Major English Grade XII

A Day In The Life of Salaryman

The ‘Salaryman’ described in “A Day in the Life of a Salaryman ” is the representative of average male Japanese white-collar worker who devotes his soul and body to his company. He is a university graduate, lives in a mortgaged house, always wears formal dress and is equipped with every essential item. He is the industrial warrior and a driving force behind Japan’s economic success. He gives more preference to the office than his own family.

He wakes up late. After a quick wash, shave and dressing, he takes his breakfast. His wife drives him to the train station for a 70-minute ride. He then catches a train and starts reading the book on computers in order to improve his skills. He reaches his office at 9:10 where he is a section manager.

At 10:30 he assembles data and attends a meeting about a contract. He works consciously in order to gain promotion. At 4:00 he attends another meeting and by 7:00 he finishes his compiling work. Yet he does not go home. At 7:30 he attends a dinner with the client company. Around 11 pm, his friends rush towards bath house for entertainment, but he rushes towards his house. At home, he takes the late supper left on the table, gives a sentimental gaze at his sleeping children and goes to bed. Thus, for the Salaryman the office is a real home.

Important Questions:

  • What is the significance of the time ‘Salaryman’ spends outside his job improving work skills and attending training program?
  • Describe “Salaryman’s” job in brief.
  • How does ‘salaryman’ represent Japanese white-collar workers?
  • Describe the events that normally take place in the working day of a “Salaryman” in Japan. How do you view that the “Salary man” is representative of Japanese white-collar workers?

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