On His Blindness – Summary | Major English Grade XII

John Milton

On His Blindness – Summary | Major English Grade XII

On His Blindness

John Milton’s sonnet ‘On His Blindness’ enlightens us about Milton’s blindness, his mental anguish and his desire to serve God. He begins the poem by lamenting how he wasted his ability to see. In this poem, he used the word lightly for vision. He also used word light to represent the spirituality and he meant here that how he ignored his spiritual capacity. He further tells that he will spend his remaining half of the life in darkness.

Now when he lost his vision, he found himself surrounded by the darkness only. Here he used the term dark world as his inability to understand the spiritual world and knowledge. After losing his vision he has realized the importance of God and now he wishes to serve him more than ever to prove how much he loves him. But his own wisdom answers him that God does not need anyone’s hard work or any kind of sacrifice to please him. One can serve God by obeying his wishes. It is the only best way to serve God.

There is no point in lamenting or complaining about our shortcomings in life! For, God does not need any of our services or want anything from us as He is infinitely self-sufficient and self-reliant ever! Talented or not, bright or blind it is our duty to the best we can to prove our mettle before Him being worthy of ourselves being His creations! It is Milton’s best example of his intellectual analysis and resolution that made him noble and great ever!

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