CTEVT – Old Question Paper 2070 – Anatomy and Physiology | First Year

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Anatomy and Physiology of HumanOld Question Paper of Anatomy and Physiology
Year: 2070 (2013)
Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT)
Office of the Controller of Examination – Sanothimi, Bhaktapur

Regular/Back Exam-2070, Bhadra
Program: General Medicine/ Pharmacy /Lab / Radiography / Dental Science (Dental Hygiene) / Homeopathy/ Ophthalmic Science / Ayurveda )
Year / Part: First Year | Subject: Anatomy and Physiology
Full Marks: 64 | Pass Marks: 25.56 | Time: 3 hrs

Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Group ‘A’ – Attempt (Any Seven) questions. [7 X 2 = 14]

1. Name the bone of axial skeleton.
2. List the functions of leucocytes.
3. What are heart sounds?
4. What do you mean by external and tissue respiration?
5. Draw a figure of neuron and label it.
6. What are auditory ossicles? What is their function?
7. Give composition of gastric juice and bile.
8. What are hormones that control blood calcium level?
9. List the name of muscle of tongue.

Group ‘B’ – Attempt (Any Eight) questions. [8 X 4 = 32]

10. What do you mean by endocrine gland? List the names of endocrine gland with their location in body.
11. Draw a figure showing internal organs of female reproductive system.
12. Differentiate between small intestine and large intestine.
13. Write circulation path of cerebro spinal fluid (CSF).
14. Explain how the intercostals muscle and diaphragm help in mechanism of respiration.
15. Draw and label the figure of internal structure of heart and write the name and function of valves.
16. Write the differences between striated, smooth and cardiac muscle.
17. Classify and summarize the function of nervous system.
18. Write normal value of major constituents of urine.

Group ‘C’ – Attempt (Any Three) questions. [3 X 6 = 18]

19. Draw and label the diagram of vertical section of skin and mention functions of skin.
20. Describe physiology of digestion of food in stomach and small intestine.
21. What is nephron? Draw and label the structure of nephron. Summarize the function of different parts of nephron.

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