20+ MCQs of IOM Model Questions With Answer | Entrance Exam

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StethoscopeIOM | Entrance Exam
20+ MCQs of IOM Model Exam with Answer
For: IOM entrance Exam (MBBS, BDS)

This Question model was published by the reputed Institution of Entrance Exam Preparation. DISCLAIMER: All the questions are solved by the expert students.

1. Which one is unpaired gland in male reproductive system?
a) Seminal Vesicle b) Cowper’s gland
c) Prostate gland d) None
Ans : C

2. Resting membrane potential of nerve cell is
a) -70V b) 60V c) 120mV d) -70mV
Ans : D

3. Rabbit is
a) Gregarious and monogamous  b) Gregarious and polygamous
c) Solitary and monogamous d) Solitary and polygamous
Ans: A

4. Bidder’s canal is found in
a) Kidney of frog b) Testis of frog
c) Liver of Frog d) Kidney of male frog
Ans: D

5. Mechanical digestion occurs in which segment of earthworm.
a) 15th b) 5th- 7th c) 8th d) 8th – 14th
Ans: C

6. Paramecium contain two types of nuclei which are
a) Two micronuclei b) One micro and or more macronuclei
c) One macro and one or more micronuclei d) Two micronuclei
Ans: A

7. Incubation period of Plasmodium Vivax is
a) 48 hours b) 72 hours c) 288 hours d) 120 hours
Ans: C

8. The best definition of process of gastrulation is
a) Single layered blastula becomes two layered
b) Aechenteron is formed
c) Cells have to occupy their definite position
d) Zygote gets converted to larva
Ans: C

9. Modern man differs from apes in
a) Sparse body hair b) Protruding eyes
c) Arms shorter that legs d) Wearing of clothes
Ans: C

10. Which of the following is/are adaptational features of birds.
a) Fore limbs modified into wings b) Absence of right ovary
c) Absence of urinary bladder d) All of the above
Ans: D

11. Illium, Ischium and pubis of rabbit are fused to form
a) Obturator foramen b) Acetabulum
c) Os innominatum d) Pubic symphysis
Ans: C

12.The correct vertebral formula of rabbit is
a)C-7 T-12 L-5 S-5 C-4
b)C-7 T-15/16 L-5 S-4 C-16
c)C-7 T-12 L-7 S-4 C-16
d)C-5 T-12/13 L-7 S-4/5 C-16
Ans: C

13.Wiche of the following is most common in AIDS patient
a) TB b) Diabetetes c) Malaria d) Typhoid
Ans: A
14. Which of the following is fish
a) Starfish b) Sea Horse c) Sea urchin d) Sea Pen
Ans: B

15. Tenth spinal nerve of frog is
a) Vagus b) Glossopharyngeal
c) Accessory d) Mised
Ans: D

16. The calciferous glands in earthworm are found in
a) Buccal Chamber b) Gizzard c) Stomach d) intestine
Ans: C

17. The science of animal behavior is called
a) Etiology b) Ethology c) Etology d) Ectology
Ans: B

18. Darwin’s finches are related to which of the following evidences.
a) Fossils b) Embryology c) Anatomy d) Geographical Distribution
Ans: D

19. Presence of lateral line sense organ is an example of
a) Parasitic adaptation b) Secondary aquatic distribution
c) Primary aquatic adaptation d) Arial adaptation
Ans: C

20. Midgets arise due to deficiency of
a) Adrenal b) Thyroxin c) Pancreas d) Pitutary
Ans: D

21. Membranous structure that seprates the scala vestibull and scala media of mammalian ear is called
a) Basilar membrane b) Tectorial membrane
c) Reissner’s membrane d) Tympanic membrane
Ans: C

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