25 MCQs – AFU/IAAS (BSc. Ag / Forestry) Entrance Exam Questions With Answer

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Forest In NepalMCQ | Entrance Exam
25+ MCQs of Entrance Exam with Answer
From : Botany
For: BSc.Ag / Forestry
Model: AFU / IAAS

1.Arrangement of microtubules in cilia/flagella from centre to periphery is
a) 9+2      b) 2+9          c) 0+9        d) 9+0
Ans: b

2) Replication of cytoplasmic DNA occurs during
a) S phase        b) G1 Phase         c) G2 Phase         d) Both S and G2 phase

3) Dahlia starch is the polymer of
a) Insulin           b) Fructose             c) Glucose         d) Falactose

4. first transgenic crop is
a) Tobacco            b) Wheat               c) tomato            d) Maize

5. linkage is exception to
a) Law of dominance             b) Law of independent assortment
c) Law of seggregation           d) Law of purity of gamete

6. A leaf is identified from
a) Flat green lamina               b) Presence of leaf blade and petiole
c) presence of axillary bud              d) occurrence of chlorophyll

7. verticillaster inflorescence is found in
a) solanaceae                 b) cruciferae               c) fabaceae              d) labiateae

8. cotyledons form the first leaves in
a) maize                      b) gram             c) pea            d) castor

9. polycarpic plant is
a) pear               b) pea                 c) agave             d) bamboo

10. 35 meiotic division leads to formation of how many seeds ?
a) 38                  b) 48                     c) 58               d) 28

11. which of the following is partial stem parasite?
a) Striga                  b) Viscum                   c) Santalum                d) Thesium

12. when stomata are equally distributed on both surface of leaf tissue are
a) Potato type                            b) Oat type                     c) Apple type                      d) Lily type

13. LSD is obtained from
a) Aspergillus                 b) Claviceps                      c) Mucor                d) Rhizopous

14. First stable product of C3 cycle is
a) OAA                            b) PEP                   c) PGA                d) RUBP

15. Rod shaped virus is
a) smallpox                  b) influenza                  c) TMV                    d) Rabies

16. Bacterial DNA is adentified as
a) DNA only                             b) DNA without histone
c) DNA with histone             d) DNA and RNA

17. RED snow is caused by
a) Chlamydomonas nivalis                          b) Chlamydomonas braunii
c) Chlamydomonas coocifera                     d) Both a and c

18. Lichens are best indicator of
a) water pollution                    b) Soil pollution                  c) Air pollution                  d) All

19. Number of peristome teeth in capsule opf funaria is
a) 32                   b) 64                        c) 16                 d) 18

20. Monkey puzzle tree is
a) Araucaria araucarium                       b) Araucaria imbricata
c) Sequoia gigantica                               d) Ginkgo biloba

21. Which one of the following is the confirmatory test for HIV ?
a) ELISA                                           b) Westarn blotting
c) Southern blotting                      d) Northern blotting

22. “Omnis cellula e cellula” means
a) All cells are originated from pre-existing cells
b) Cells are functional unit of life
c) Cells die after a fixed period of time
d) cells can phagocytose other cells

23.You would find a large number of grana under electron microscopic examination in
a) Mitochondria of Pisums                             b) Chloroplast of Euphorbia
c) Lysosome of Homo                                      d) cytoplasm of Proteus

24. Peptide bond is present in
a) Carbohydrates                                 b) Lipids                      c) Amino acids                    d) Proteins

25. tRNA and mRNA Respectively contain
a) gene and codon                       b) codon anticodon
c) anticodon and codon            d) None of the above

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  1. Kabi Raj Bhatt
    Posted August 6, 2015 at 12:40 am

    Question no.21 is doutful because ELISA test also used

    • samiksha chalise
      Posted September 23, 2016 at 12:05 pm

      yes but elisa test is mainly used for tuberclosis and westernbolt test is the confirmatory test of hiv

  2. Sami Shrestha
    Posted December 6, 2016 at 9:25 pm

    Provide me every info of Ag

  3. sujit
    Posted July 14, 2017 at 3:58 pm

    Ag is the most important part of technical line….

  4. sujit
    Posted July 14, 2017 at 4:01 pm

    Age is the most important part of technical line….

  5. namrata kafle
    Posted June 2, 2018 at 9:46 am

    i want to study agriculture bt i dnt knw abt the question related to it…plz help me

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