A Mongoloid Child Handling Shells on the Beach – Important Questions with Answer

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A Mongoloid Child Handling Shells on the BeachMajor English Class 11
A Mongoloid Child Handling Shells on the Beach
Important Questions with Answer
By: Richard Snider

1. What is suggested by the phrase “unbroken children”?
Ans. The phrase “unbroken children” suggests that the children are whole or complete in every aspects. All their sense organs and body parts are complete and perfect. They can play, shout, hear and see perfectly. By using the phrase “unbroken children”, the poet wants us to contrast them with the mongoloid child whose body parts and sense organs are not in a healthy condition.

2. How is the child like the sea? How are the other children like the surf? What do the differences between sea and surf contribute to Richard Snyder’s poem?
Ans. The poet uses sea metaphor to explain the mongoloid child while he uses the surf metaphor to present the behaviour of the other normal children. The sea is calm, slow, mysterious and makes small change. Similarly, the mongoloid girl is also slow, sober, mysterious and calm. Likewise, the surf is wild, stormy, noisy and violent; so are the unbroken children. By using the sea and surf metaphor, the poet wants us to compare and contrast both handicapped and normal children.

3. What is the poet’s attitude towards the child? How can you tell?
Ans. The poet’s attitude towards the mongoloid child is sympathetic and full of love. He does not hate her but finds her lovable and full of potential as the sea. At the same time, he contrasts her with the violent and wild surf-like normal children.

4. Should the poem now be retitled as “A Child with Down’s Syndrome….” Would that be effective?
Ans. I don’t think that this poem should be retitled as “A Child with Down’s Syndrome…”. The word ‘Down’ would suggest that the child is down in every aspects. It would suggest negativity in the child. The poet in this poem is actually glorifying the child, so the new title would be bad and will not meet with the poem’s theme. The word ‘mongoloid’ has several connotative meanings. By using the word ‘mongoloid’ the poet directly gives us the physical structure of the child making us think that the girl is similar to mongol race who have small eyes, flat face, small hands and legs and large head.

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