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CharabancUnit Three : Humour and Satire
A Story – Dylan Thomas
The Heritage of Words

The boy, with his uncle, was sitting in their room when the boy’s uncle’s friends came there. Their coming had the aim of deciding date for outing. They said that they had collected fund and liquor for outing. Afterwards the uncle’s friends returned back to their home. The next day they came with the list of names for uncle’s acceptance. He read the whole list and accepted all the names. Then there was his wife with china dog.

She threatened him that she would go her mother’s house if he did not cancel the program. In anger she asked him to choose either her or outing. The uncle said that he preferred outing. On Saturday morning the uncle’s wife left house. She had written a note to her husband in which she had asked him to put off shoes before going to bed. At about eight the uncle’s friend came to his house with a charabanc. They became ready to go for outing. As they drove off, the women of the village peeped out from windows and boys bid them good-bye. No sooner had they crossed the village then reached to a public house. The uncle asked the boy to look after the charra whereas they went inside. A little later a man came and asked for the way to pub. The boy took the man there. Inside the pub he saw his uncle and his friends drinking, breaking the glasses and talking nonsense. The boy did not remain there. He was afraid of the situation. Afterwards the uncle and his friends came out and got into the charra.

Then they reached to a river where they all got down and played with water. From that time onwards, they forget the idea of Porthcrawl. By the evening they reached to place called Hermit’s nest. There they decided to rest and enjoy drinking. They drank so much rum that they could not control their sense. They later made decision to return back. On the way home, they rested in a field and sat in a circle. They continued drinking there too.

Important Question :

1. The plan was to go to Porthcawl for the outing. Did they ever reach there? Why?
Ans. The plan of the narrator’s uncle and his friends was to reach to Porthcawl for the outing. But they could not reach to their destination because of their habit of drinking. But it does not mean that it was the only one cause for it ; there are many.The first cause was their late departure. It was only at eight o’clock they started their outing. Another cause of it was the late arrival of one of their partners. Because everyone was worried about himself, they moved without counting all heads. But when they knew that one was missing, they could not continue their journey. They returned to receive him. The third and the greatest of the causes as already said is their nature of drinking a lot. When they reached the mountain sheep, they drank a lot. They did not think of their destination. It was only after the owner informed them of the closing time. They came out though it was already late to reach to Porthcawl. No one worried about even after they came out. They thought of playing with water when they reached to river. Hence, they could not reach.

Question for Practice :

  1. How were the boy’s uncle and aunt?
  2. What is the reason for which Will Sentry always followed Mr. Franklyn ?

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