Acid Rain – Its Causes, Effect and Control

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Acid RainBiology Notes | Zoology
Acid Rain or Its Causes, Effect and Control
For: Science Class 11

Acid Rain
It is the process of deposition of acid gases from the atmosphere on land in the form of precipitation or rain. It thus increases H ions concentration of precipitation. In water whole the cocktail rain with H2SO4 and HNO3 is called acid rain.

Causes of Acid Rain
Oxides of sulphur and nitrogen are the major air pollutants produced by the combustion of fossils fuels from power generation, industries, factories and automobiles.

Effects of Acid Rain

  • Acid rain acidifies the soil Affects flora and fauna
  • Affect human health Acidifies lakes and streams
  • Affect aquatic animals and vegetation Reduces plant productivity
  • Acid rain destroys forest Kills useful bacteria and blue green algae
  • In Sweden more than ten thousand lakes are acidic and in USA thousands of lakes are acidic and in
  • Germany 8% forest was cleared by acid rain.


  • Air pollution should be controlled
  • A forestation should be dome
  • Gases coming out of automobiles should be treated first before discharging out
  • Alternative sources of energy should be used
  • Catalyst process catalyst converter should be used to change toxic gases

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