Business Studies – HISSAN Question Paper 2071 | Grade XII

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BusinessHISSAN Central Examination
Old Question Paper of “Business Studies”
For: Class 12 | Year: 2071 (2015)

Time: 3 Hrs | Full marks: 100 | Pass marks: 35
Subject: Business Studies (628-M1)

Group A – Short Answer Question
Attempt any Eight questions [8×8=64]

1. What is management? Show the relation of management with science & art. [2+6]
2. What is scientific management? Explain the Taylor’s contribution in scientific management.[2+6]
3. Explain the importance of Planning in an organization. [8]
4. What is decision making? Explain the various types of managerial decision. [2+6]
5. Define direction & explain its major components. [2+6]
6. Explain, in brief, the Maslow’s need hierarchy theory of motivation. [8]
7. What personal qualities need to be processed by a good leader? [8]
8. What is supervision? Elaborate the factors affecting effective supervision. [2+6]
9. What is coordination? Explain the main principles of good coordination. [2+6]
10. What is control? Explain the essentials of effective control. [2+6]

Group B – Long Answer Questions
Attempt any two questions [2×18=36]

11. What is departmentalization? Discuss the various methods of departmentalization. [5+13]
12. Why is communication important in an organization? Explain the various types of communication. [8+10]
13. What is life insurance? Discuss the procedures of effecting life insurance in Nepal. [5+13]

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