Computer Science – HISSAN Question Paper 2071 | Grade XII

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Computer ScienceHISSAN Central Examination
Old Question Paper of “Computer Science”
For: Class 12 | Year: 2071 (2015)

Group A – Long Answer Questions
Attempt any FOUR questions: [4 × 10 = 40]

1. Differentiate between while and do while loop. WAP to display all prime numbers from 2 to 100. [5+5]
2. a) Write a recursive function to calculate the factorial of any integer number. [5]
b) Differentiate between structure and array. [5]
3. WAP to enter name, age and sex of 10 persons into structure and display all the information in ascending order on the basis of name. [10]
4. What is control statement? WAP which selects and print the largest number from 10 different numbers. [2+8]
5. WAP to write name, address and id of 10 students in a file called “student.txt” and display the information stored in a file. [10]

Group B – (Short Answer Questions)
Attempt any SEVEN questions: [7 × 5 = 35]

6. What is Feasibility Study? Explain any three level of feasibility study. [1+4]
7. What is hierarchical database model? List out the advantages and disadvantages of hierarchical database model. [1+4]
8. What is the purpose if the RE-Diagram? List out any three symbols used in ER-Diagram with their meaning and example. [2+3]
9. What is the networking? Differentiate between LAN and WAN. [2+3]
10. What is internet? Explain the uses of internet in business. [2+3]
11. What is ICT? Explain the positive impact of ICT in society? [2+3]
12. What is object oriented programming? How it is different from the procedure oriented programming. [2+3]
13. Write short notes on (any two): [2.5+2.5]

a. Data security
b. Coaxial cable
c. E-learning

14. What is multimedia? Explain the components of multimedia. [1+4]

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