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Reference Notes on “Conservation of Wild Life Resources”
For: Science Class 11

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Conservation of Nature
The nature has been so kind to man ever since it appearance on the earth, man has been dependant on it. They needed plant and animal for different purposes. The expanded human population is resulting into expanded needs of man. The utilizing modern technology man started to utilize them. We have taken loans from the nature that cannot be paid back. The biological community that too million of years to develop are been divest by human activities. The umber of animals and plants are already eliminated from the world and the numbers of organisms are in the process. Therefore, there is urgent need to conserve them.

The care, management, protection, and preservation of natural resources is called conservation.

Wild life
The living organisms in its natural habitat is called wild life or the non domesticated animals (fauna) and uncultivated plants (flora) in the wild form is called wild life.

Conservation of wild life
The care, management, protection and preservation of wild life is called conservation of wild life.

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