Dimensional Formula of Some Physical Quantities – Units and Measurement

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Dimensional Formula of Some Physical Quantities
Unit: Units and Measurement
Science | Physics Class 11

Dimensional formula of physical quantity can only be written when its relation with other physical quantities is known. Some of the physical quantities with the dimensional formula are given below:

S.No.Physical QuantityRelation with other Physical QuantitiesDimensional formulaSI-Unit
1.Arealength × breadth[L] × [L] = [M0L2T0]m2
 2.Volumelength × breadth × height[L] × [L] × [L] = [M0L3T0]m3
 3.Density\frac{\ mass}{\ volume}  \frac{\ [M]}{\ [L^{3}]} = [ML^{-3}T^0] kg m-3
 4.Speed or Velocity \frac{\ distance}{\ time}  \frac{\ [M]}{\ [L^{3}]} = [M^0LT^{-1}]   m s-1
 5.Acceleration \frac{\ velocity}{\ time} \frac{\ [L T^{-1}]}{\ [T]} = [M^0LT^{-2}]   m s-2
 6.Momentummass × velocity[M] × [L T-1] = [M L T-1] kg m s-1
 7.Forcemass × acceleration[M] × [L T-2] = [M L T-2]N (newton)
 8.Pressure\frac{\ force}{\ area} \frac{\ [M L T^{-2}]}{\ [L^2]} = [M L^{-1} T^{-2}]   N m-2 or Pa (pascal)
 9.Work force × distance[M L T-2] × [L] = [M L2 T-2] J (joule)
 10.Energy (Mechanical, heat, light, etc) work [M L2 T-2] J
11. Power\frac{\ work}{\ time} \frac{\ [M L^2 T^{-2}]}{\ [T]} = [M L^2 T^{-3}]   W (watt)
 12.Gravitational Constant(G)\frac{\ force \times (distance)^2}{\ (mass)^2}  [M-1 L3 T-2] N m2 kg-2
 13.Impulseforce × time[M L T-2] × [T] = [M L T-1]N s
 14.Surface tension\frac{\ force}{\ length} \frac{\ [M L T^{-2}]}{\ [L]} = [M L^0 T^{-2}]   N m-1
15.Coefficient of viscosity\frac{\ force}{\ area \times velocity gradient} [M L-1 T-1]daP (decapoise)
 16.Angle\frac{\ arc}{\ radius}  Dimensionlessrad
17.Moment of inertiamass × (distance)2[M L2 T0]kg m2
18.Angular momentummoment of inertia × angular velocity[M L2] × [T-1] = [M L2 T-1]Kg m2 s-1
19.Torque or coupleforce × perpendicular[M L T-2] × [L] = [M L2 T-2]N m
20.Frequency\frac{\ 1}{\ second} [T-1]Hz

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