Economics – HISSAN Question Paper 2071 | Grade XII

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US DollarHISSAN Central Examination
Old Question Paper of “Economics” (226 – M1)
For: Class 12 | Year: 2071 (2015)
Full Marks: 100 | Pass Marks 35 | Time: 3 Hrs.

Group ‘A’

1. What is shift in supply curve? What are the causes of shift in supply curve?[ 10]
2. What is the price elasticity of demand? Explain its different types. [2+8]
3. Explain the law of Returns to scale. [10]
4. What is monopoly? How are price & output determined under it? [10]
critically explain the Ricardian theory of rent.
5. Answer any Four questions. [4 × 5 = 20]

a. Explain the law of demand.
b. Explain the law of diminishing marginal utility.
c. Explain the factors affecting efficiency of labor.
d. Explain the relation between AC and MC.
e. Explain the classical theory of interest.
6. Answer All questions. [5 × 2 = 10]
a. What is market economy?
b. What is meant by TR, AR and MR?
c. What is capital formation?
d. Why is demand curve of a firm under perfect competition perfectly elastic?
e. Distinguish between real wage and money wage.

Group ‘B’

7. Explain the major functions of central bank. [10]
Explain the comparative cost theory of international trade.
8. Answer any Two questions. [2 × 5 = 10]

a. Explain the major functions of money.
b. Explain the characteristics of good tax system.
c. Explain the process of budget formulation.

9. Answer All questions. [5 × 2 = 10]

a. Value of money
b. Define government finance.
c. What is inflation?
d. What is progressive tax system?
e. What is protection trade?

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