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HSEB Reference Notes on Environmental Pollution
For: Science Class 11

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Environmental pollution
Any undesirable change in the environment, which affects biotic community, is known as pollution. The matter which cause pollution is undesirable change in the environment is called pollutant. There are two types of pollutants.

Degradable pollutants
Pollutants, which can degrade or decompose naturally, are degradable pollutant. They do not remain in the nature for long time. They increase fertility of the soil and suitable for plant growth, e.g. Domestic sewage and domestic fertilizers.

Non degradable pollutants
The pollutants which do not degrade naturally and cause pollution are non degradable pollutants. They remain in the nature for long time. They decrease fertility of soil and unsuitable for plant growth e.g. aluminium cans mercuric salts, DDT, plastics and glasses.

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