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Indian Tribe - North AmericaUnit: Love and Reminiscence
Critical Summary of Grand Mother – The Heritage of Words
Ray Young Bear – Class: 12

In this poem, the poet draws the picture of his grand mother, all loving, inspiring. The poet figure out cultural identity of American Indian or Misquaki people. In their culture, they provide high owner to their grandmother. The women work in the field. They were typical close; however their culture is nowadays not pure. The purple scarf and the plastic shopping bag is not their cultural apparition even after grandmother death, the poet remembers her.

If the poet saw her from a long distance, he would tell that she was his grand mother. There are certain features to know, she would were a purple scarf and go market with plastic shopping bag. The “Purple Scarf” and the “Plastic Shopping Bag” represent our sense of sight. She would come home back working in the field. She would wash her hands. Her hands were wet and had the smell of roots. Due to the smell of roots he could recognize her without looking at her. She would work in the field so there was smell. This smell made him recognize her. “Smelling of roots” represent sense of smelling. She would touch his head and would care it. He would know it was her hand. “Touching his head” represent sense of feeling. Some times he would imagine to have heard Noise from the tombstone voice coming form a rock attracts sense of hearing. The rock is metaphorically the tombstone of his grandmother from the very sound he would recognize her. Her words coming from the rock would inspire him like the light of some one stirring ashes from a sleeping fire at night. In this way the poet finds her grandmother all loving all inspiring.

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