Old Question Paper 2070 – Compulsory English Grade XII

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Old Question Paper 2070 - Compulsory English Class 12Old is Gold | HSEB
Old Question Paper of Compulsory English Class 12
Year: 2070 (2013) | Subject Code: 004 ‘D’

Time – 3 hrs. | Full Marks: 100
Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Attempt all the questions.
1. Read the following passage and answer the questions below: [5 X 3 = 15]

In the minds of many people, there is no longer an issue. They argue that English has already become a world language, by virtue of the political and economic progress made by English-speaking nations in the past 200 years, and is likely to remain so, gradually consolidating its position.

An impressive variety of facts about usage support this view. According to conservative estimates, mother-tongue speakers have now reached around 300 million; a further 300 million use English as second language; and a further 100 million use it fluently as a foreign language. This is an increase of around 40% since the 1950s. More radical estimates, which include speakers with a lower level of language fluency and awareness, have suggested that the overall total is these days well in excess of 1,000 million. The variation results largely from a lack of precise data about English language use in such areas as the Indian sub-continent, where the historical impact of the language exercises a continuing influence on many of its 900 million people, and China, where there has been a burst of enthusiasm for English language studies in recent years, with over 100 million people watching the BBC television English series follow me. Even of only 10% of these learners become fluent, the effect on totals is dramatic; the number of foreign learners is immediately doubled.

a) Why is English becoming a world language?
b) What is the estimated growth of English language?
c) What is the influence of English in Indian-sub continent and China?
d) What situations can ‘immediately double’ the number of foreign learners of English?
e) Do you think the use of English is really increasing as the passage claims ? Give reasons.

2. Change the following sentences using seem as in the example: [5]

Example: He is very friendly.
He seems (to be) very friendly.
a) He isn’t very rich.
b) He’s happily married.
c) He’s some kind of business man.
d) He doesn’t spend much time out of doors.
e) He watched television a lot.

3. Rewrite the following sentences using ‘If there’s one thing…’ as given in the example: [5]

Example: People who smoke in restaurants annoy me.
If there’s one thing that annoys me it’s people who smoke in restaurants.
a) People who are cruel to animals upset me.
b) People who break promises make me angry.
c) I hate people who smoke in restaurants.
d) I detest people who interrupt when I’m speaking.
e) I loathe people who ring me up early in the morning.

4. Change the following sentences, using must, can’t and may/might: [5]

a) I’m sure he’s working.
b) Perhaps he’s going to ask me.
c) I’m sure he’s not French.
d) I’m sure they stole the money.
e) Perhaps he went home.

5. Change the suggestions below using ought to, ought not to, might as well or there’s no point in: [5]

Example: Let’s not take the lift – he lives only on the first floor.
There’s no point in taking the lift.
a) Don’t take your children to see that film – it’ll frighten them.
b) Let’s not sell it – it’s not worth anything anyway.
c) Why don’t we give it away? – it’s not worth anything anyway.
d) Don’t ask him – he doesn’t speak English.
e) Let’s not talk about it now – the children are listening.

6. Change the following sentences using when instead of an or but: [5]

a) She peeled the banana and gave it to the baby.
b) I looked in the fridge and found something.
c) The security man searched our hand baggage and we boarded the plane.
d) He out his foot on the brake but nothing happened.
e) I paid my bill and left the restaurant.

7. Change the sentences below into comparative sentences using as…as: [5]

a) The exam is not usually very difficult but this year it was quite tough.
b) I had imagined my landlady would be in her fifties, but she turned out to be thirty.
c) His parents would like him to make hard, but he doesn’t.
d) They could have helped me a lot, but in fact they hardly helped me at all.
e) Fifty people had been invited, but eighty came.

8. Write an essay describing an interesting event you witnessed. [10]
9. Write a letter to your friend explaining the advantages and disadvantages of living in a village. [10]
10. Write a paragraph reporting about an accident that you saw on the road. [5]
11. Write a paragraph expressing your attitude about politics. [5]
12. Answer any five questions: [5 X 3 = 15]

a) How does the speaker remember his grandmother? (Grand Mother)
b) How does the boy describe his uncle and aunt? (A Story)
c) Why does the narrator kill the man? How does he feel after the murder? (The Tell-tale Heart)
d) Discuss the kind of relationship between father and son in the play “Purgatory”.
e) Describe the character of Hansel. (Hansel and Gretel)
f) Do you think Mr. Doran married Polley? Explain. (The Boarding House)

13. Answer any one of the following questions: [10]

a) Discuss the two long-term problems. (Two Long Term Problems: Too many People, too few trees.)
b) Compare and contrast the Hansel and Gretel by Bruno Bettelheim and Jack Zips. (Hansel and Gretel)

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