Reference Notes on “Origin of Life” – Biology Class 11

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Origin of LifeReference Notes | Zoology
Reference Notes on “Origin of Life”
For: Science | Biology Class 11

There are different theories about the origin of life on the earth. The Theory of special creation explains, the life was created by super natural power of the god. This theory is based on religious faith. According to Hindu Mythology, the god of creation is Brahma. He created universe and human beings. According to Christian thought the god created universe, earth, plants, animals, and man within seven days.The theory of spontaneous generation explains, the life originates spontaneously from the non-living things. For example the frog, toad, snake originated from mud. The insects and flies originated from the fruit juices and the microorganisms originated from air and water. The theory of Biogenesis explains, the life originated from preexisting life but not spontaneously.

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