Role of Transportation and Communication – Economics Class 11

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Role of Transportation and Communication
For: Management | Economics Class 11

The transportation and communication are important means and media for the development of socio-economic structure of Nepal. They are pre-requisite for the development of the country. They help to mobilize the existing resources and integrate the sectors of the economy. The important role of transportation can be explained as follows:

1. Development of agricultural and industrial sector:
Transportation and communication plays a vital role in the development of agricultural and industrial sector. Without efficient transportation and communication facilities, development of agricultural market is very difficult. Transportation helps to carry final goods at the market and to bring raw materials from the market to specific site whereas communication helps to get information about the market structures of goods and services.

2. Basis of tourism development.
Development of tourism is impossible without efficient transportation and communication system. Tourists require transportation and communication facilities to travel to various parts of the country. Most of the tourists who came to Nepal return back to their country after visiting some places where these facilities are easily accessible. So, to increase the average living of tourist stays, we most develop these facilities to the considerable level.

3. Market expansion:
Transportation and communication network help to deliver the goods and services from one place to another place easily. People can send their products easily and cheaply to far distances. It helps to expand the market.

4. Utilization of natural resources:
Nepal is reach in natural resources but it has not been possible to utilize the natural resources properly due to the slow development of transportation and communication facilities. If we develop the modern means of transportation and communication, natural resources can be utilized in proper manner.

5. Social reform:
Improved and developed transportation and communication system help to increase people to people contact, exchange their views and altitudes, change their life styles which help people to avoid their traditional attitudes and adopt scientific method o social system.

6. Creation of employment opportunities:
Development of transportation and communication facilities, help to establish various industries, factories, hotels and other services where people can get job opportunities in these sectors.

There are other roles of transportation and communication facilities like increase in trade and commerce, regional development, social benefit, increase in national income etc.

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