The Magic of Words – Complete Summary | English Class 11

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English | Unit-Wise Summary
The Magic of Words – Complete Summary
The Magic of Words – Class : 11

The Magic of Words is based on the idea that reading is an informational as well as a recreational activity, and that a good selection of well-written texts sensitize the readers toward developing an intelligent awareness of some of the most important issues involved in living.

This selection is organised in six unit. Each unit has a clear thematic content, and all the six units together present an intelligent treatment of important idea and topics of present-day relevance. Unit One (“Stories o the supernatural”) is a “link” unit, and it recapitulates general reading, writing, and grammar activities for revision and prepares the students for the study of the major themes presented in the selection. Unit Two (“Men, Women and Children”) deals with discovering family relationship in their different aspects, and presents children, adolescents and adults engaged in various interpersonal activities. Unit Three (“Ecology and Environment”) powerfully presents how the environment is threatened as well as suggests

the necessity of conserving it for the survival of the earth and its inhabitants. Unit Four (“Humour”) entertains and informs. Unit Five (“Identity, Gender and Ethnicity”) deals with the burning problems of identity, power and race relationships that need to be understood dispassionately and wisely for peaceful coexistence. The final unit, Unit Six (“Life and Death”), explores the pain, vanity, dignity and beauty of life and death.

Unit Wise Summary of The Magic of Words

Open the link and read them.

Unit One : Stories of The Supernatural

1. The Recurring Dream – A Story From England
2. The Lost Doll – A Story from Colombia, South America
3. The House Call – A Story From Germany
4. Fear – A Story from Puebla, Mexico
5. The Loving Mother – A Story from the Island of Hokkaido, japan

Unit Two : Men, Women and Children

6. My Heart Leaps Up When I Behold – William Wordsworth
7. Speaking of Children – Barbara Holland
8. Look At a Teacup – Patricia Hampl
9. A Worn Path – Eudora Welty
10. The Three Day Blow – Ernest Hemingway

Unit Three : Ecology And Environment

11. The Poplar Field – William Cowper
12. The Nightmare Life Without Fuel – Isaac Asimov
13. Unchopping A Tree – W.S. Merwin
14. Keeping Things Whole – Mark Strand

Unit Four : Humour

15. Concrete Cat – Dhorthi Charles
16. Oops ! How’s That Again ? – Roger Rosenblatt

Unit Five : Identity, Gender And Ethnicity

17. Malini – Rabindranath Tagore

Unit Six : Life And Death

18. The Six Million Dollar Man – Harold J. Morowitz
19. On The Vanity of Earthly Greatness – Arthur Guiterman
20. In Bed – Joan Didion
21. The Gardener – Rudyard Kipling

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