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Bachelor of Health Care Management (BHCM) - Reference Notes, Question Papers, Solutions, Syllabus

Pokhara University (PU)

Bachelor of Health Care Management (BHCM)

Question Papers

Level Description:

Course Description:

Bachelor of Health Care Management (BHCM) is a four-year (8 Semester) program offered by Pokhara University (PU). It was launched in 2000 AD by PU to enhance the need for qualified health care professionals with a health care management/administration degree. Besides doctors, nurses, and other paramedical staff, the industry also requires qualified health care management professionals. This creates the need for a specialized management program "Bachelor of Health Care Management (BHCM)" in health care.


  1. To produce qualified health care management/administration professionals.
  2. To acquaint students with modern principles, concepts, and ways of health care management.
  3. To arouse awareness and interest in students about the importance and fundamental role that health care management plays in strengthening the development of the country and the people.
  4. To prepare students for higher-level studies and research, such as a Master's Degree and Ph.D. in this area.
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