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Bachelor of Computer Information System (BCIS) - Question Papers, Reference Notes, Syllabus, Solutions

Pokhara University (PU)

Bachelor of Computer Information System (BCIS)

Question Papers

Level Description:

Course Description:

Bachelor of Computer Information System (BCIS) is a four-year program under Pokhara University (PU). The emerging need for Information Technology and modern business creates a program like "Bachelor of Computer Information System (BCIS)". It integrates Information technology with business management. It is to produce grads that are capable of developing, assessing & maintaining scientific business computing systems.


  1. To uphold the management and delivery of information systems.
  2. To produce a professional career in computer information systems.
  3. To develop independent, critical, and creative thinkers with analytical and problem-solving skills. 
  4. To create an environment for the development and adaptation of computer-based systems.
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