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Convex LensViva Voice Questions With Answer
Focal Length of Convex Lens By Two Pin Method
For: Science Class 11 | Physics

Q.1: What is a lens?
Ans. A lens is a portion of a transparent medium bounded by two spherical surfaces or by one
spherical surface and a plane surface.

Q.2: How many principal foci are there for a lens?
Ans. Two, one on either side of the lens.

Q.3: What is the reference point for measuring p, q and f for a lens?
Ans. The optical centre of the lens.

Q.4: What kind of images are formed by convex lens?

Position of ObjectPosition of ImageRelative size of imageNature of image
1. at infinity
2. beyond C
3. at C
between C & F
5. at F
6. between F & O
at focus
between F & C
at ‘C’
beyond ‘C’
at infinity
behind the object
real; inverted
real; inverted
real; inverted
real; inverted
real; inverted
Virtual; erect

Q.5: What is the magnifying power (M) of a magnifying glass?
Ans. M = (1 + d/f ), where d = 25 cm = least distance of distinct vision.

Q.6: If the power of a convex lens is 0.1 diopter; what will be its focal length?
Ans. P = 1/f, so that, f = 1/p = 1/0.1 = 10m

Q.7: Which defect is present in lenses but not in mirrors?
Ans. Chromatic aberration.

Q.8: What are uses of lenses?
Ans. Combination of lenses are used in microscopes, telescopes, projectors, binoculars, cameras, etc.

Q.9: What is lens maker’s formula?
Ans. 1/f = (n – 1) (1/R1 – 1/R2)

f = focal length of the lens.
n = refractive index of the glass used for making the lens.
R1 = Radius of curvature of one surface.
R2 = Radius of curvature of the other surface.

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