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What do you mean by “many things” fell that year?

Posted on 2019 April 23 at 4:17:13 PM
In essay "Look at teacup" by Patrica Hampl have mentioned the term, "Many things", what is that mean on the essay.
Poonam Chaudhary

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Answered on 2019 April 23 at 4:18:52 PM

Here, many things fell that year indicates the destruction that happened during the Second World War. The second war started in 1939. The falling off bombs caused much destruction. The countries were captured by their enemies. Many European innocent youths lost their lives in the battlefield. The married women who lost their husband were compelled to fall in the beds of other people. Hampel’s mother had bought a teacup from Czechoslovakia before the Second World War began. But it was also destroyed in the war. In this way art, virginity, culture, tradition, and faith in marriage fell in that year.

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