SLC – Old Question Paper 2070 (2014) | Social Studies Class 10

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Social Studeis of nepal - Tharu - MahilaQuestion Paper of Social Studies
Year: 2070 (2014) – Old is Gold
For: SLC Students | Subject Code: RE 122 E

Time: 3 hrs | Full Marks: 100 | Pass Marks: 32

Group ‘A’
Write very short answer of the following questions: [8 X 1 = 8]

1. Complete the following tables:
2. What should be done to enable governmental agencies in preventing drugs trafficking? Clarify in a sentence.
3. If you were a coordinator of the probe commission to solve the issue of border related to Nepal, how would you solve it? Give a measure to solve it.
4. Why is extreme climate found in inner part (mid area) of continent? Clarify in a sentence.
5. Which symbols are used to show the following facts in a map?

(a) Religious place
(b) Hospital

6. The climate in all parts of Nepal is not found similar, why? Write a reason.
7. When was first election of Constituent Assembly held in Nepal? Write its full date.
8. Write your opinion in a sentence about the effect of the direct rule of the king after 19th Magh 2061 BS.

Group ‘B’

Write short answer of the following questions: [14 X 4 = 56]

9. Why federal ruling system is called ‘Restructure of the state’ in reference of Nepal? Mention your four opinion.
10. Briefly mention the major four problems faced by National Level Projects in Nepal.
11. Differentiate between Natural Resources and Human Resources in four points.
12. Show the following data in pie-chart:

(Population on the basis of mother tongue – 2068)
Nepali – 1,18,26,953
Maithili – 30,92,530
Bhojpuri – 15,84,958
Tharu – 15,29,875

13. How does social norms, values and tradition promote social goodwill and tolerance? Clarify in four points.
14. Present your opinion in four points regarding the use of historical /cultural heritages’ premises for commercial purposes.
15. Write in brief any two effects of girls trafficking in individual and society each of them.
16. As a conscious citizen, how you play a role to solve social problems? Write your opinion in four points.
17. Mention the affects in four points with examples in your community since your VDC or Municipality remain without elected representatives for a long time.
18. Clarify the inter-relation between climate and vegetation with reference to tropical monsoon climate.
19. What sorts of political and economic effects were seen in the world circumference after the Second World War? Clarify in four points.
20. There must be a person in your community who has returned from foreign employment. Prepare a model of news how he has utilized the skill in your community that he learnt on abroad.
21. Write any four benefits to Nepal after being the member of the UN.
22. Suggest any four measures to promote international peace and understanding.

Group ‘C’

Write long answer of the following questions: [4 X 9 = 36]

23. What do you mean by election code of conduct? Justify the need of election code of conduct in four points. Mention four points briefly that should not be done in accordance with the election code of conduct.
24. Sketch the full page map of Nepal and divide it into Five Development Region and insert the following facts with appropriate index.

a) Coffee product area
b) Gurans Himal
c) Dharan
d) River Trishuli
e) Ghodaghodi lake
f) Dhor Patan hunting reserve


Insert the following facts related to North America, South America and Africa continent in the given map of world.

a) Bunes Aries
b) Sahara desert
c) Selvas
d) River Niger
e) Falkland
f) Rift valley
g) Hudson bay
h) Rocky Mt. range
i) Lake superior

25. Mention any four differences and five similarities of consequences between First and Second World War.
Imagine that you had a task to study about peace process of Nepal and you completed it. Write a report on the basis of following points.

a) How did you collect information?
b) What information did you get?
c) What is your conclusion?

26. What is meant by adventurous tourism? What are the possibilities of adventurous tourism in Nepal? Identify any four sector and explain them . What are the demerits of tourism? Clarify it point wise.

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