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Shooting Incident: An Assassination Attempt on the China

Assassination Attempt On Chinese Presidents

Shooting Incident: An Assassination Attempt on the China

The shooting incident on the 19th of March 2004 on China(Taiwan) was an assassination attempt on the president Chen Shui-bian and Vice President Annette Lu while they were campaigning in Tainan, Taiwan  the day before Taiwan's presidential election.  It was a failed attempt since none of their injuries were life threatening. Both of them were released on the same day from the hospital without having any surgery.

The attack provoked shock and unease in Taiwan, where political violence of this kind was commonplace against non-KMT members 40 years earlier. Reaction to the incident divided along partisan lines, with some pan-Blue supporters believing the incident was faked in order to win the sympathy of voters in the upcoming election, which Chen and Lu won by 29,500 votes. In August 2005, the case was officially closed with all evidence pointing to a single deceased suspect Chen Yi-hsiung.

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