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Pentium Chip was Released by Intel Corporation

First Pentium Chip “80586”

Pentium Chip was Released by Intel Corporation

The history of computer is not very long. In this short amount of time the humans have developed a lot in technologies. Among all the technologies the computer has developed a lot. Only few centuries’ earlier people didn’t know anything about these electronic computing devices. But now it can be found in every people’s hand. In fact there is no person who does not use the technologies.

When the earlier electronic computing devices were invented, their size were very large and could not be carried here and there. Their processing speeds were lot slower than the current small sized PC. The current computer uses the processors. Firstly vacuum tubes were used, and then came the transistors, after that IC and then microprocessors.

Microprocessors are small in size but contains a large amount of logical circuits. Hence making the processing very fast. Pentium is the earlier version of processor. The first Pentium chip was the “80586” and released by the Intel Corporation in 1993 March 22. The processor featured a 60 MHz clock speed, 100+ MIPS, and a 64 bit data path. It incorporated 3.1 million transistors and was sold for $878.00.

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