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European Economic Community was Founded

European Economic Community

European Economic Community was Founded

The European Economic Community is a regional organization which was founded to bring economic integration in the states. It was created by the treaty of Rome in March 25, 1957. The formation of the union was in 1993 and it was renamed as the European community.

With the motive of creating federal Europe, further two communities proposed: European defense community and a European political community. The European communities have a three pillars and activities were enlarged. This was reflection of the institution, was formally the council of the European Union while the commission was formally the commission of the European communities.

EEC stated in preamble and to lay the foundation of an ever closer union among the people of Europe, the accomplished through are as follow:

  • The establishment of a customs union with a common external tariff
  • Common policies for agriculture, transport and trade, including standardization.
  • Enlargement of the EEC  to the rest of Europe

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