Sino-Vietnamese War - China Invades Vietnam

Sino-Vietnamese War

Sino-Vietnamese War - China Invades Vietnam

According to Vietnam since January 1979 Chinese forces performed numerous reconnaissance activities across the border and made 230 violations into Vietnamese land. To prepare for a possible Chinese invasion, the Central Military Committee of the Communist Party ordered all armed forces across the border to be on standby mode. 

On 17 February 1979, a People's Liberation Army (PLA) force of about 200,000 troops supported by 200 Type 59, Type 62, and Type 63 tanks entered northern Vietnam in the PLA's first major combat operation since the end of the Korean War in 1953.

The PLA invasion was conducted in two directions: western and eastern

  • Western direction, commanded by Xu Shiyou, aimed to attack Cao Bằng, Lạng Sơn, and Quảng Ninh Provinces.
  • Eastern direction, commanded by Yang Dezhi, aimed to attack Ha Tuyen, Hoang Lien Son and Lai Châu Provinces

Vietnam quickly mobilized all its main forces in Cambodia, southern Vietnam, and central Vietnam to the northern border. From 18 February to 25 February, the 327th Infantry Division of Military District 3 and the 337th Infantry Division of Military District 4 were deployed to join Military District 1 for the defense of the northwestern region. From 6 March to 11 March the Second Corp (Huong Giang Corp) stationed in Cambodia was deployed back to Hanoi.

The 372nd Air Division in central Vietnam, as well as the 917th, 935th and 937th Air Regiments in southern Vietnam, were quickly deployed to the north.

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