First Steam Train Arrived in the US Colonies

Colonel John Schuyler ordered the first steam engine

First Steam Train Arrived in the US Colonies

On this day, 9th of September in 1753, the first steam train was brought to US colonies from the United Kingdom. The most fascinating thing about the first steam engine transported in the United States is that it was not used as a mode of transportation.

In 1760 a young John Adams wrote in his diary that he was “struggling to understand the English fire engines,” as trains were then called.

These steam engines were used to evacuate water from coal and metal mines in England. That idea stroked the mind of Colonel John Schuyler. His copper mine in Passaic New Jersey was the reason the first steam engine was brought to the colonies. The copper mine due to its depth was prone to flooding. Schuyler ordered the first engine from England at a cost of 1,ooo pounds in 1748.

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