The Magnitude of 8.2 Ms Concepcion Earthquake Occurred

Concepcion Earthquake

The Magnitude of 8.2 Ms Concepcion Earthquake Occurred

The Chile earthquake which was occurred near country between Concepcion and Talcahuano on February 20, 1835 AD at the 11:30 local time of the country. The magnitude scales measure the size of the earthquake and it has 8.2 Richter scale. This country was surrounded by sea so that Tsunami where occurred and many areas where destroy and damaged. Mainly the San Fernando on the north to Osorno in the south where mostly damaged. A sea was felt over in this area from copepod in the north to the island of Chiloe in the south and far west at the Juan Fernandez island.

In this earthquake, many buildings were destroyed. As a survey team found that kiln-dried brick, mud brick building, and stone-built construction were destroyed. 50 people were dead among with despite damage. The destruction was the greater cause of the tsunami which left only the lower parts of some building standing. The rock of the ground was sensible and difficulty in standing, but the motion made almost weak.

The earthquake reverses the strongest and emblem of solidity has trembled under the feet like a thin crust placed on fluid. It was awakened imagination felling of insecurity which hours of reflection. It has been noted that being general destruction felt more humble.

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