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Saxophone was Patented by Belgian Musician Adolphe Sax

Belgian Musician and instrument-maker Adolphe Sax

Saxophone was Patented by Belgian Musician Adolphe Sax

Saxophone was first patented by Belgian musician and instrument-maker Antoine-Joseph “Adolphe Sax”. He developed the woodwind instrument typically made of brass, which in recent decades has heavily influenced the sound of the jazz, military band, rock, and pop musical genres. His creation for its unique tone and distinctiveness of voice was the first to successfully bridge the gap between woodwind and brass instruments.

The saxophone was invented for use in both orchestras and military bands. By 1846 Sax had designed a full range of saxophones from sopranino to subcontrabass. But the instrument for which he is best known: the saxophone, was patented on 28 June 1846.

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