Study in Banaglore | Nepali Student’s Experience in Bangalore

Suraj Regmi“With dusk taking over the sunny day, moon wanders in dark solitude and Sun rests hoping to rise the next morning.”

This quote sums up the journey I have come across so far. Born and raised in middle-class family of Parbat district, my upbringing can be dissected into two phases – one in Parbat and another in Kathmandu. After each decade stay in Parbat and Kathmandu, fate decides as some say, studying in Bangalore became another journey.

When I was in my high school, IOE and IE (Indian Embassy) were only the things in my mind as it often is the case in case of HSEB physical group students. I was particularly good in academics whole over my school life so the pressure on me to excel in entrance examination was obvious. Fortunate I was to be selected in Indian Embassy Scholarship, I took that opportunity seriously and came to India to pursue my further studies leaving IOE entrance examination.

Before coming to India, I had never left my house, so it was difficult to cope with the responsibility attached to me. Homesickness made the things worse that at one time I thought of returning Nepal. However, the support of Nepalese brothers and friends of my college made the life easier. One thing I feel grateful all over my life is support and love of senior brothers and friends which provided homely environment to me.

With all exuberance and excitement, first year went pretty well academically. Making new friends and brothers was particularly exciting. What made me pissed off was academic environment of the college. The expectation of academic environment with which I came here was not met and depressed me a bit. However, the company with seniors and friends lifted me again and again from such negative feelings. As I have said in the first line of this article, hope never died in me whatever the deterrent I had to face. Rising of the sun is inevitable! The universal truth!

I would also like to take this opportunity to warn the students that are looking for engineering study in India to come here after some research about respective colleges and referring senior experiences. The private engineering colleges are growing like mushroom in India, which are more profit-oriented than value-oriented. Leave the value they put on the academics and innovation, the minimum support they need to give is also lacking. India is a great country developing at a rapid rate. No doubt about that. But the rampant growing of engineering colleges without meeting the minimum requirement is depressing. So, have plethora of research before deciding to come about the college you are attending.

We had many friends and seniors engaging in some king of sports in college. Our football team “Bocca Juniors” won many tournaments both representing college as well as club. Engaging in some sports activity not only releases stress but also provides a ton of entertainment. We also had cultural programs (conducted by us, all the Nepalese) where we had a lot of fun. It was encouraging to take part in such events and even conduct some.

Nepali Student in Bangalore

One thing I was sad to see here is overuse of drug or drug addiction as recreational use out of ignorance. Control and awareness are important things. It may be hazardous if used out of control not being aware about its consequences. Otherwise, it may be okay.

Engineering as with all the journeys is not a cake walk. There are ups and downs. We do mistakes often. We are confused and haven’t figured out what to do with engineering even after coming to final year. I have seen many people who after graduation feel engineering was not the subject for them. It is awfully common. Don’t despair.

I would like to give some suggestions to engineering aspirants and freshers to involve in projects or researches in the things you love. Engage in activities that keep you excited and hopeful. Give enough time and care for your health. Engage in some sports or find a hobby. Always be hopeful.

This article (Personal experience and information) was written by Suraj Regmi, who had came in Bangalore through Indian Embassy and currently studying in Brindavan College of Engineering, 2016.

After +2 exam, lots of Nepali students come to Bangalore for Bachelor degree, we have heard and observed lots of fraud incident. Through this article, MeroSpark team warn to be careful about it. Bangalore is a good environment for innovation resource, and comparatively safe place to stay. If you are coming to Bangalore then be careful during choosing the faculty, college, talk with any senior staying in bangalore and most importantly see your economic background because Bangalore is one of the expensive city of India.

If you need any help then talk directly with any member of MeroSpark  regarding any academic topic. MeroSpark team will help to let you choose the best faculty/college and get admission. We will help you to meet any student studying in Bangalore to share with you the ground reality . In this article we have integrated Facebook comment box, you can put any question below for the discussion.