Basic six months psycho social counselling course

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Basic six months psycho social counselling course

Basic six months psycho social counselling course

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This curriculum is based on the tasks required for psychosocial counseling at counseling centers, related community centers, nursing homes, schools, orphanages, elderly homes, private homes, and hospital/health centers, rehabilitation centers in country and abroad.

This curriculum consists of four modules [as (1) Psychosocial intervention (2) Case Management (3) Counseling Skill and Process (4) Capacity Building] and On the Job Training (OJT). The duration of particular module and its sub modules will be as stated in the course structure. The instructors/trainers will demonstrate the skills in the classrooms and trainees will get the opportunity to practice the skills/tasks included in this curriculum. Trainees will practice & learn skills using appropriate tools, materials and equipment necessary for this curricular program.

This curricular program incorporates the skills and knowledge related to psychosocial intervention (psychosocial wellbeing/intervention/ CBI, metal health, gender/culture / counseling, human development and behavior, & special issues); case management (managing counseling center, documentation, supervision & linkage/coordination/ referrals); counseling skill and process (counseling approaches, basic of counseling, counseling skills, counseling process and alternative tools); and capacity building (facilitation skills & professionalism development). The trainees will also get an opportunity to participate in on the Job training (OJT) (of 160 hrs.), which will allow them to apply an exercise skills in the real world of work. 

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