Introductory Microeconomics - Question Papers, Reference Notes, Syllabus, Solutions

Bachelor's Level

Introductory Microeconomics - Question Papers, Reference Notes, Syllabus, Solutions

Introductory Microeconomics

Question Papers Bachelor's Level

Course Objectives:

This course is designed to reinforce and expand students’ understanding of the basic macroeconomic theory. It aims to provide students with an introductory-level treatment of economic theory with an emphasis on the technique beside the results. Besides, it helps the students to master the basic macroeconomic tools used by prominent economists in practice and makes them able to apply these tools in a variety of contexts to set up and solve macroeconomic problems.

Course Description:

The first two units of this course examine the two fundamental macroeconomic topics, viz. national income and employment. Then the course focuses on various macroeconomic theories, viz. consumption, saving and investment functions, and macroeconomic equilibrium as well as macroeconomic issues and policies viz. inflation, trade cycle, and fiscal monetary policies. The major concentrations of this course are national income and employment, consumption, saving and investment, aggregate demand, and aggregate supply, determinations of macroeconomic and general equilibrium of an economy.

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