Fundamental of Sociology - Reference Notes, Question Papers, Syllabus, Solutions

Bachelor's Level

Fundamental of Sociology - Reference Notes, Question Papers, Syllabus, Solutions

Fundamental of Sociology

Question Papers Bachelor's Level

Course Description:

Sociology is the study of social behavior or society, including its origins, development, organization, networks, and institutions. This course presents basic ideas and foundations of sociology through an argument of various sociological variables, terms, terminology, and subject matter. Besides an introduction to sociology, it includes basic sociological ideas like society, culture, norms, values group. It comprises of social institutions like religion, family, and others, which help students understand more about existing social structure. More importantly, the course has tried to explain the basic sociological theories, social change, and some emerging social perception, understanding of sexuality, crime, and deviance. 


The course aims to provide basic sociological concepts that will help students understand various ideas on society, culture, groups, and organizations.  By knowing all these concepts, students’ knowledge of the organization, business, and management will be enhanced and such that they will be able to apply their enriched knowledge in their future career and endeavor.

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