Financial Management - Reference Notes, Question Papers, Solutions, Syllabus

Bachelor's Level

Financial Management - Reference Notes, Question Papers, Solutions, Syllabus

Financial Management

Question Papers Bachelor's Level

Course Description:

This course will deal with the basics of financial management, especially, introduction to financial management, the concept of capital structure, effects of leverage, elementary knowledge on theory of capital structure, dividend policy, long-term and short-term financing, working capital management, and elementary knowledge on special topics such as derivatives, financial distress, merger, and acquisition. Through lectures, readings, and case studies students learn the fundamentals of financial management and the skills and their application in financial decision making.


This course aims to provide students with a basic understanding of important aspects of financial management and critically evaluate financial information. Students are introduced to concepts and tools that enable them to think critically about the financial opportunities and challenges faced by an organization. The course thus lays the foundation in students for further study in finance and equip them adequately to undertake financial decisions.

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