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I wish ,if my imagination would get into reality !

Posted on 2019-December-10 at 8:14:18 AM

In the bunches of sentence I could not find a way , 

which would pay me towards my joy.


I tried as well cried ,to manifest my imagination, 

Which was quiet far from others visualization.


Every body at a certain period used to bully,

But I knew that ; all this things were folly.


I know we can’t eat water by frying ,

Actually ,  we all are trying for the betterment of the man kind.


From beginning to the end ,imagination was needed to do creation .

The only thing that lacks between imagination and creation is people’s motivation.


You just need is a tap, 

Which will fulfill the gap.


No matters what we say , 

The only truth is that:We all should pay , 

For all the thing that we do in our daily day.



Pujan kharel
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